Google Pixel 2’s Weird Clicking Will be Fixed With Update, Also Temporary Fix Available

Picture Credits : Android Police

If you have a Pixel 2, you might be getting this weird clicking noise, as well as a high pitch frequency or hissing during calls. Well, good news for you because Google says that a software update will fix it in the coming week, till then they offered a temporary fix as well.

According to Orrin, the community manager at Google’s Pixel User Community, the clicking noise will be fixed in the coming weeks through software, but to get by until that happens, they urge you to turn off NFC. You can do so by heading into Settings>Connected devices>NFC.

After looking through the Pixel User Community this morning, it’s tough to tell if turning off NFC has actually fixed the clicking noise. You’ll have to let us know if it works.

As for the hissing or whining or squealing, well, Google didn’t address those concerns and hasn’t offered up a fix. If you head to the link below, you’ll see dozens and dozens of complaints about it, even as users are getting replacement devices sent. We’ll let you know if Google says anything.

Source : Google

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