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“Hey Google” Voice Command Rolling Out To Google Assistant

Those who owns Google Home smart speaker uses "Hey Google" instead of "Ok Google", which is different. The "Ok Google" phrase used by Android smartphone owners to activate Google Assistant, but today Google is rolling out "Hey Google" to Android phones as well. 

This new change is rolling out slowly, those who haven't got this yet, lookout for a prompt where Google telling you that the “Hey Google” command is ready for use on your phone. This is the alternate Google Assistant launch command that was previously reserved for Google Home units.

The "Hey Google" command will call up the virtual assistant on handsets. Google is in the midst of sending out a notification to Android users telling them that Google Assistant can be trained to respond to both "Hey Google" and "Ok Google."

This is nothing groundbreaking but  it is a matter of syllables. The latter has 4 and the former has 3. That makes it easier and quicker to say "Hey Google." And while we are talking about mere fractions of a second, it should be interesting to see how many Android users decide to train Google Assistant on their phone to open with the "Hey Google" phrase.

So keep on the lookout for the notification telling you that the "Hey Google" hotword is now available on your phone. 

Source : Droid-Life

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