[Video] Google Pixel 2 Has A New Power Menu

Google latest smartphones Pixel comes with stock Android but not completely. Google always added some Pixel exclusive features to their Pixel devices. And today, we got to know about one of their new change which comes with Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL.

Android's power menu has always been a simple and a basic one. Last year when Pixel 2016 got released Google added an Restart button and that's it. But Google Pixel 2 didn't get any new feature but a brand new look.
In this video you can see, the popup should come at the center of the screen but instead it comes on the left side right next to the physical power button on the Google Piixel 2. Triggering the menu has the fresh redesign slide in from the side with the same power off and restart options.

This is not something groundbreaking but a pretty neat change and which feels very polished. There is no information whether this will come to Pixel 2016 phones. We will update you about it when that happens.

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