[APK] Google Tests 'Files Go', Their Storage Manager With Wireless File Transfer

The new “Files Go” app is listed on the Play Store as unreleased. Google is currently running an early access program, which is currently full, so the majority of users cannot download it right now. This is in line with its usual approach for apps in developing markets.

Files Go appears to be part of the Android Go initiative that Google announced at I/O this year. Android Go aims to make the OS run more smoothly on low-end hardware, and Files Go's small 10MB stature certainly seems to reflect that. If this isn't preinstalled on Android Go devices, it'll probably end up in the Play Store category for apps beneficial for the platform.

Screenshots show a simple application with two bottom tabs. “Storage” notes how much free space is available on a device and features cards of data and media that can be removed. There are also other suggestions, including clearing app caches, deleting apps that aren’t frequently used, and removing “spam & duplicate images.”

Meanwhile, the second tab called “Files” groups content by Images, Videos, and Audio. These sections can be further broken down by their source, including Chat App, Camera, Screenshots, and more.

One key feature of this app is the ability to “Transfer files without internet” connectivity. Google touts that this “high speed transfer” is for receiving files from nearby friends, with a dedicated view that shows contacts that are in your vicinity. One screenshot hints that transferring is likely performed over Bluetooth.
Here is the official app description :

  • Help you free up more space in many more ways than before.
  • Suggest removing apps you no longer use to keep your phone fast & feeling new.
  • Recognize and help you remove the spam & duplicate images.
  • Find your important documents without cumbersome and manual effort.
  • Share your files offline - fast & secure - with the tap of a button.

Files Go is live on the Play Store, though you'll get a notification that the early access program is full if you try to download it. No worries, though; we've got the Files Go APK over at APK Mirror ready for your perusal below :

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