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Google Lens In Assistant Rolling Out To Pixel And Pixel 2

If you remember, back in October Google said that Google Lens will be coming to Assistant “in the next few weeks.” Today, it has starting to roll out to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones on their Google Assistant.

Back at the October 4th event, Google announced that Lens was launching as a preview to Pixel devices later this year. It first debuted in Google Photos on the Pixel 2 before expanding to the original Pixel and Pixel XL late last month.

In Google Photos, Lens can be used on an image but it is different in Assistant, it is integrated right into the page or pop up after holding down on the home button. The interface that is now rolling out does not look all too different from the version we were able to activate in September.

Pressing this new button in the bottom right corner opens up a camera viewfinder. Tapping anywhere freezes the view and begins a search with possible results and actions appearing as a carousel of suggestion chips at the bottom of the screen. There is also a rectangular overlay on the item in question with a close bottom in the top right corner.

Meanwhile, users can quickly start a voice search with the microphone while a new visual lookup is triggered by re-tapping the Lens icon in the bottom right.

The feature is still rolling out, so not everyone will have it. Let us know whether you have or not in the comments!

Source : Reddit

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