Google Pixel 2’s Weird Clicking Now Fixed With November Security Patch Update

When Pixel 2 launched, apart from display issues the phone also was also having some sound issues. The users were reporting that the Pixel 2 is having clicking/ticking high pitched noise which Google quickly acknowledged the problem and said it will be fixed through a software update in coming weeks. 

And today, Google fixed that issue with  November security update – which has just started rolling out to Nexus and Pixels devices.

Google employee Orrin confirms that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL November update has this fix who is also the community manager at the official Pixel User Community. 

Here’s exactly what he said:

There are other changes/fixes in pipeline as well, that will arrive as part of the December security update and on an ongoing basis thereafter, Google says.

Source : Google Product Forums

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