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OnePlus 5T Update Brings Fingerprint, Face Unlock Optimizations, Camera Improvements And More

Recently, OnePlus released OnePlus 5T this week and today, company announced a new update for the device. The new OxygenOS 4.7.2 update that brings optimization for fingerprint and face unlock also improves screen off gestures and EIS during 4K video recording. It also fixes KRACK WP2 Wi-Fi protocol vulnerability. 

Check out the complete changelog below:

Optimizations for fingerprint unlockOptimizations for face unlockImproved accuracy of screen off gesturesImproved EIS during 4K video recordingWi-Fi WPA2 security patch (Krack vulnerability patch)General stability improvements and bug fixes

The OnePlus 5T OxygenOS 4.7.2 update is 48MB in size and is gradually rolling out to everyone. It still has October Android security patch. 
OnePlus also announced that it will improve camera on the OnePlus 5T with software updates, after reports from the community and media. This will include:
Improved low light photography, especially when it comes to detailImproved selfies to have a more natural exposureBeautification mode only on by default in certain markets in Asia going forward
OnePlus said that the camera improvements will roll out in the upcoming update early December, after being tested among a private group next week.

Source: OnePlus