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[Download] 50+ High-Res Wallpapers For Your iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy S8/S8+ And Others

So, December has just begun and with that we are starting a new series in which we will post 50+ wallpapers per month. Everybody loves awesome, high-def wallpapers and like to give their home screens a fresh coat of paint every now and again. 

However, finding awesome, high-quality backgrounds is no easy task (believe us, we know!), and that's why we've taken it upon ourselves to bring you a collection of our most recent favorites and we've got over 50 high-resolution wallpapers in store for you! 

Our selection of backgrounds is not themed, so you'll find a lot of diverse images in it, spanning from black and white street photography, to low-key portraits, to colorful landscapes to fend off the winter cold with.

Note : Given the large resolutions of the images, we've included scaled-down versions for preview purposes below. To get your hands on the full-size images, follow this Google Drive link.