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[Download] OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition Wallpapers

If you are an Star Wars fans then you know that it's hitting theaters today. And there can be some people who didn't booked the tickets on time (hello, that's me).  We got you something that will cheer you up. Yes, Star Wars wallpapers pulled from the special edition OnePlus 5T! 

The wallpapers span a wide variety of The Last Jedi-themed imagery, from silhouettes of Kylo Ren to full-res art of stormtroopers. In line with the menacing theme of the movie, pretty much all of the art in these wallpapers is from the Sith side of things.

The size of the wallpapers are meant to fit OnePlus 5T, so if you apply these on other different resolution devices it will vary.

You can check out the full gallery of wallpapers below, but if you want to just get all the full-res walls in one simple download, you can click the link at the end. From there, just unzip the files and move the wallpapers you want to use over to your devices. 

Let us know whether you liked it or not!