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These Are The New Emoji Which Will Come To Android And iOS In 2018

The year 2017 is about to get over and there are some new set of emoji has been recently announced by Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that develops and promotes the use of these symbols in all major operating systems for 2018.

This isn't the final list, which means there can be more emoji. For the time being, the list contains more than 100 emoji, but many of them will probably not make it to Android and iOS next year. Here is a very short list of some of the emoji that we might be able to use starting next year:

  • Superhero
  • Supervillain
  • Man, red haired
  • Woman, red haired
  • Pleading face
  • Woozy face
  • Partying face
  • Leg
  • Foot
  • Red-haired
  • Curly-haired
  • Tooth
  • Goggles
  • Badger
  • Lobster
  • Flying disc
  • Pirate flag
  • Removed emoji
  • Removed emoji

Also, there are these three emoji have been removed from the earlier candidate lists: Grinning face with letters OK as eyes, Frowning pile of poo, and Frowning face with question marks as eyes.
Removed Emoji
Besides the new emoji that will be approved for use on major operating systems, Unicode also introduces a nifty feature for those who often use these symbols when they communicate: support for reversible emoji.

Emoji with glyph that face to the right or left may face either direction, according to vendor preference. However, that can cause a definite change in meaning when exchanging text across platforms
Obviously, Apple and Google must add support for these sequences in order for reversible emoji to work on iOS and Android, respectively. You can find the full list of emoji candidates in the beta at the source link below.

Source: Unicode (1, 2) | Emojipedia