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[Download] Google Fuchsia OS Wallpapers

In this world Google only owns two OSes, the Android and Chrome OS. Google is also developing a third operating system called "Fuchsia." In May 2017 we only seen the system UI up and running on top of Android, where it then functioned like an app. The UI offered a neat multi-window system, but mostly it was just a bunch of placeholder graphics. Nothing worked.

Recently, Fuchsia team announced that Google Pixelbook now a supported device, folks at Arstechnica got it up and running perfectly and this time it comes with new wallpapers. 

There are 9 new wallpapers found in this experimental Fuchsia OS and we got them for you, let us know whether you liked it or not! You can either download  from below or uncompressed wallpapers from this Dropbox link.

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