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Popular Android Video Player, MX Player Acquired By Indian Media Giant For $200 Million

If we talk about Media players, they are quite in today's world, from the business perspective and how much users love them because sometimes stock media player isn't that good. Also investors sees an business opportunity they tend to take it which is not uncommon at all. One of the most popular video players on Android is MX Player, and this week, it was reportedly acquired by Indian media giant Times Internet Limited (TIL) for $200 million.

Times Internet Limited is committed to their application and has good plans for it. The company also has a huge presence on the web and mobile app stores in India and planning to transform MX Player into a video streaming platform rather than keep with the app’s current standalone video player functionality. 
With this investment, Times Internet will be able to launch its over-the-top (OTT) video service which is expected to make a debut in the next few months.

MX Player is among the very few Android video player applications which support multi-core decoding. With multi-c0re decoding, you get fine video quality with small file sizes. However, the process requires a considerate amount of processing power to decode in real time.

MX Player already comes in the “best Android video player” list on the web  and gained between 100 million and 500 million downloads on the Google Play store. 

Let's see what MX Player has in their court in next few days.

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