Essential Phone's Camera Updated With Auto-HDR, New HDR Algorithm

The Essential Phone taken so many hits last year with their average performance, touch responsiveness, and camera. But, still standing strong, thanks to the magical OTA updates that eliminate its flaws Today, we’ve got a big camera update to play with.

The Essential team announced an update for the Essential Phone’s camera application that adds an Auto-HDR mode, a new HDR algorithm to improve the camera performance, dynamic HDR, flash indicators, and a number of stability fixes.

In October 2017, Essential rolled out an update that improved the camera’s capture speed, low light performance, and more. A month later, the camera application was updated to allow for 60FPS monochrome video recordings. And the following month, another update added portrait mode and reduced compression to improve the image quality.

The Essential Phone’s camera performance has almost become a running gag due to how polished the rest of the device feels. It’s solid in the hand thanks to the unibody titanium design, and the iPhone X-like cutout on the top of the screen, which initially generated controversy, results in an incredibly immersive experience.

Ultimately, though, camera performance can make or break a smartphone’s reputation. It’s why Google bragged about the Google Pixel 2 topping DxOMark’s rankings, and why Samsung’s recent press invite for the Galaxy S9 puts an emphasis on the upcoming phones’ cameras.

The update is available now from the Google Play Store.

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