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Google Duo Gets Video Messaging Feature

Google is on a roll, after releasing the first Android P Developer Preview today, Google just announced Duo is getting a brand new feature as well.

Starting today, if you're lucky, you'll be able to create video messages in Google Duo on Android and iOS. The new features will be rolled out beginning today, and, according to Google, it will be live worldwide over the next several days.

So, how does video messaging works in Google Duo? Actually, it's pretty simple. If you're calling someone and that person declines the call or misses, you'll be able to leave him/her a video message.

Basically, you can record up to 30 seconds of a video or voice message and send it to your friend or family member, who will receive in the Duo application on Android or iOS. After watching the video message, your friend can decide to call you by tapping the “Call now” button.

Keep in mind though that these video messages will disappear one day after you watch them, but if you find them funny enough, you can save them on your phone's memory.

Source: Google

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