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[Exclusive] Early Look At The New Gmail

Yesterday, Google said that they are redesigning Gmail with some new features which are present in Inbox, such as smart replies and the ability to snooze emails. The update will also bring Gmail up to date with Google’s rapidly changing design languages, and will incorporate aspects of material design as well as Google’s new bubble design.

Gmail’s new interface
Today, we will show you how the interface will look like after Google gives it a facelift. Thanks to folks at Android Authority, they got their hands on it. This is new design has features like smart replies and email snoozing, and enables a sidebar of plugins that give you easy access to different Google apps like Calendar and Keep.
New Gmail Smart reply

New Gmail Keep Plugin

New Gmail Calendar Plugin

New Gmail Tasks Icons
Also, Google is going to redesign Tasks as well which is an To-Do list which can be built directly into your Gmail window to help keep you on track with your goals for the day. Tasks was already a part of Gmail but the UI was very outdated, so Google is doing a revamp in that section as well. 
Google Tasks Plugin

Google Tasks
These plugin are a huge help and suited for devices like Chromebooks. If I could get all my work done on a single webpage I would never leave my inbox again, and that is likely what Google is aiming for with this update.

The new Gmail will give you three different layouts to choose from:

  1. Default will show you what kind of attachment is included in an email, including things like images, slides, documents or spreadsheets, right from your inbox
  2. Comfortable removes these icons and instead shows the familiar paperclip to signify an attachment
  3. Compact is similar to Comfortable but decreases the vertical whitespace
New Gmail Comfortable View

New Gmail Compact View 

New Gmail Default View
We are not sure when the new version will come out but the report says Google will be letting users in through a beta channel in the coming months. If that doesn’t happen in the next couple of weeks, it’s likely we’ll hear more at Google I/O in May.

What are your thoughts on the new design? Do you like the new plugins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source : Android Authority

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