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Flamingo For Twitter Is Dead

Picture Courtesy : Android Authority

If you are an Twitter addict, you might have seen the official Twitter app improving over time but still it's far from perfect. That's why some users prefer a third-party Twitter app, including myself.

There are many third-party apps for Twitter including Talon, Falcon Pro, and Fenix. Flamingo used to be among the ranks as one of the best Twitter clients around, but that's no longer the case as it's been removed from the Google Play Store.

The developer of the app, Sam Ruston broke the news on Twitter when answering a user's question as to why the app wasn't showing up in the Play Store, see below :

Ruston mentions "token limit" which is the reason of extinction of various Twitter clients over the years. Twitter essentially creates limited amount of tokens for third-party developers, with each new download of the app resulting in one token. Once a certain limit is reached, the app won't work for new users. It's a terrible system, and it's now caused one of the most customizable and polished clients to be put to rest.

People that have already purchased Flamingo can still download and use it by going to your "My Apps" page in Google Play, and Ruston's noted that "there are no immediate plans for a sequel."

RIP, Flamingo. 💔