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[Leaked] New Android P Navigation Bar With Pill-Shaped Home

Recently, Google dropped P Developer Preview which has a lot of new goodies for us compared to Android Oreo. There are many changes in the operating system including new UI which Google hasn't showed us much yet. Today, we show you a new navigation bar on Android P, thanks to folks at 9To5Google which came with a screenshot that confirms its existence. 

In a blogspot on the new network security improvements in P from the Android Developers Blog, there is a screenshot which shows us a new layout of the navigation bar which is very different from Android Oreo. The screenshot is running Android P which can be seen as the time is on the left-hand side and rounded dialogue box.

The center home button is no longer a solid circle with an outline around it, but rather pill-shaped. It does not match the height of the back button which returns to just being an outline, while there is no multitasking button in this image.

9To5Google also reported that, Google is testing a new navigation bar design that is similar to Apple’s iPhone X and an internal build of Android P has this new layout that removes the multitasking button for a swipe up gesture on the new home icon pill. 

Also, the back button hides automatically when it is not in use, in the screenshot there is dialogure box which a user might need to dismiss it via pressing the back button, so the button comes back in the bar itself on a certain situation. 

Google I/O 2018 is next month, which can give us more light on this with a second developer preview. What do you think about this?

Source : 9To5Google

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