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[POLL] Do you use Case or No Case?

When it comes to smartphones, the price of them are keep rising. So, to protect the investment, there are many people do different things like protecting it with a case or a screen guard. Today, we want your opinion on phone cases.

Initially, I wasn’t a case guy.  but since phone makers continues to make their phones out of glass, I feel the need to protect it. Thankfully, plenty of cases don’t add much bulk and do help protect the phone from getting scratched and dinged, so using a case hasn’t become very detrimental to my overall hardware experience.

How about you, though? Do you use a case for your Android phone? If so, what kind do you prefer? Bulky and super protective or slim and not as protective? Let us know!

Do you use a Case or No Case?

Yes, I always use a case.
I only use a case when I leave the house.
No, I never use a case because I am savage.