[Download] OnePlus 6 Wallpapers By Hampus Olsson

Today, OnePlus finally announced OnePlus 6, while the phone doesn’t go on sale until next week, but we’ve got something to give you a taste right now. Hampus Olsson, the designer of the wallpaper found on most OnePlus devices, has released the wallpapers for the OnePlus 6.

Hampus has shared the 5 default wallpapers that will be shipping on the OnePlus 6. These wallpapers were designed specifically to highlight the “bezel-less” display. He mentions how these wallpapers are similar to the ones he designed for the OnePlus 2. They feature smooth brush strokes in bold colors. It’s a good look for any phone, bezel-less or not.

Download the high-resolution wallpapers in a ZIP file from the Google Drive link below.

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