US President Donald Trump Working With China To Help ZTE Get Back Into Business

Due to the ban from U.S. Department of Commerce, ZTE has been forced to cease all of their global operations. Now, in a twist of fate for the company, U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted that he and the President of China are working together to get ZTE back on their track or business.

Mr. Trump says that there’s been a lot of jobs lost in China due to ZTE shutting down its operations and that he has instructed the Commerce Department to “get it done.”

Recently, United States Department of Commerce had enacted a major denial of export ruling against ZTE. This meant the company could no longer order smartphone components from America companies. In 2017, ZTE had pled guilty to “conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions”, which was tied to the fact the company was selling U.S. parts to North Korea and Iran.

Back then, ZTE had said that it would reprimand those employees who took the illegal action and deny them any bonuses. However, it did not stick to its word completely as it fired four of the senior employees but ended up handing out bonuses to 35 other employees. ZTE had initially said that if it did not live up to its end of the bargain, it would forfeit its export privileges which is what the Department of Commerce has enacted now.

Let's wait and see what the Department of Commerce now does to help ZTE get back into the business. Removing the ban seems to be the only option here, though that would then seriously undermine its own authority.

Source : Donald Trump

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