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Android P Beta Brings 157 New Emoji To Your Phone

Emoji, emoji, emoji. Who loves new emojis? You do, and Google knows that. So they're bringing over a 100 new emojis to your phone with the latest Android P Beta update!

Android will now support ginger skin tone emojis, as well as new animals like hippos and llamas as well as food items such as bagels and even salt. But that's not all - we're even getting superhero emojis, a test tube and even DNA. You can find the whole list of new emojis on the Emojipedia website here.
Do you want these emojis right now? If you're rocking any Pixel phone, OnePlus 6, Essential Phone or any other phone support by the Android P Beta Program, consider yourself lucky! Just opt-in to the beta here and update your phone to the latest build of Android P right away. More info can be found here.

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