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Snapseed v2.1.9 Adds Dark Theme And Adaptive Icon Support

Google acquired Snapseed back in 2012 and later transformed into the best photo editing app for free. The app wasn't updated for a while or only had small updates. But today, Google adds a useful feature to their photo editing app which is the Dark theme. 

The Snapseed’s last major update in September 2017 completely redesigned the app with a bottom bar that made tools easier to access. Additionally, it switched from a predominately dark theme to a light one. The image editing background adopted the brighter look, as did various menu items which users didn't like.

In this update, you can return to that original darker look. There is a new Appearance section in settings where users can toggle on/off the “Dark theme.” This toggle is easily accessible and can be switched without interrupting your current edit.

Left : Old ; Right : New

Left : Old ; Right : New

Left : Old ; Right : New

The Dark theme is more gray in color, with menus to adjust various image options heavily transparent. Meanwhile, selected tools continue to be highlighted blue.

Also, the app also got the support for Android Oreo’s adaptive icons. The Snapseed icon is now placed within a white shape and can conform to a circle, square, rounded square, squircle, and teardrop.

Even though the app doesn't get much updates, this app continues to offer a more powerful editing experience than the tools in Google Photos. Hopefully, Google will continue maintaining it in the future. Version 2.19 is currently making its way to the Play Store at large, but if you don't want to wait for that dark goodness, you can grab it at APK Mirror right now from below :

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