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Unicode 11.0 Brings 66 New Emojis Like Softball, Kangaroo, Partying Face And More

Today, Unicode published a list of the final Emoji 11.0 list of Emojis for 2018 back in February and today the company announced that the 11.0 will arrive on June 5th. This brings 66 new emojis including softball, kangaroo, partying face, parrot, and more.

Though Unicode makes the new emojis available to vendors, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung tends to have their own schedule for making new emojis available to the public. But the support should come before the end of 2018. The company says that out of the 66 new emojis, 62 of them are present within the keyboard. Some of the new emojis include raccoon, llama, hippo, kangaroo, and badger. There’s also a swan, peacock, parrot, mango, leafy greens, a bagel, salt, a moon cake, and a cupcake

The company has also added four emoji components in Unicode 11.0. These are for use in sequences but not expected to be shown as their own characters on emoji keyboards. According to previous trends, Google and Apple will roll out the Unicode 11.0 around September 2019 January-February for Samsung and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in August.

Source : UnicodeEmojipedia