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Huawei Might Have Just Leaked Android P’s Real Name

In the world of smartphones and technology in general, the rumor mill never stops. But sometimes a leak, even from the big companies confirms something big like this, the Android P's name. No one knows what Google will call Android P till today.

According to a report by Tabeltowo, a Huawei employee might have just leaked the full name of Android P as Android Pistachio. During a live chat with a customer, the Huawei support staff clearly said Android Pistachio in relation to a query about software updates in Poland, as seen in the image below:

The Pistachio might not make sense to most people. Pistachio, without any ice cream, isn’t exactly a dessert, is it?

So, did a Google partner just tell the world what Android P is going to be called? Or is this just a placeholder based on Google’s internal codename? If Bloomberg’s Android P is accurate, Google may have used Pistachio when talking about Android P to device makers including Huawei. That’s how Pistachio may have ended up in a chat like the one above.

Also, because it happened in a customer service chat, there’s always a chance that the representative just made that name up. Google should come clean soon enough because the final Android 9.0 release is happening soon.

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