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Android P Launching Officially On August 20, Thanks To evleaks

In March, Google announced Android P and since then proceeded to release quite a few beta/Developer Preview releases of the OS. Google already said that it will be releasing the final version of Android P in Q3 2018. Now, as per reliable leaker @evleaks, Google will drop the final version of Android P to the public on August 20.

This does match up to Google’s own timeline, though there might be a week’s delay if Google ends up discovering some last minute issues with the release. If not, then Google Pixel and Pixel 2 owners should expect the Android P update to drop for their handset on August 20. It is on this day that we will also know what Google finally decides to call Android P as.

Apart from releasing the final build of Android P to Pixel owners, Google will also push the final source code of the OS to AOSP thereby allowing other OEMs to further speed up the process of bringing Android P to their existing devices.

While the Android P beta program had devices from OnePlus, Nokia, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo, it is unlikely that we will see any OEM roll out the Android P update for their devices on the same day. Thanks to Project Treble, the rollout of Android P should be faster than previous versions of Android but even then I’d expect the first batch of non-Pixel Android devices to get their Android P update in early October at the earliest.

Source : evleaks

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