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Google Announces Google Home Hub, Its 7-inch Assistant Smart Display For $149

Today, Google announced its first smart display called Google Home Hub. This device also got leaked but now we have more information on how this unit can standout from other smart displays.

Google Home Hub doesn't have a camera, so that you can put it anywhere comfortably. Google wants it to be the ultimate photo album viewer too, thanks to integration with Google Photos. They are introducing a new feature called Live Albums that refreshes albums often, to keep them showing new photos all of the time.

Google is also introducing a “swipe down” feature on Hub’s display that lets you view a new “Home View” section of the smart display that gives you quick controls to your home. That means controls over lights, media, thermostats, cameras, and broadcasts. Oh, the Google Home app has also been re-done to help you get into all of those shortcuts too.

In terms of physical controls, there is a volume rocker when users reach behind the right side of the screen and a standard toggle to disable the microphone up top. Besides the screen for interactivity, the Google Home Hub features Far-field microphones for ‘Hey Google’ and ‘Ok Google’ hotword recognition.

Voice Match works to show a user’s calendar, commute details, reminders and other personal information. Like a Google Home, users can ask questions, get recipes, find businesses, and more, but all with the added benefit of visual aids. For example, when cooking, users can get step-by-step directions or see a map of locations.

Meanwhile, Ambient EQ takes a sensor and algorithm to fine tune the color of the display throughout the day, while the screen turns off automatically at night.

Users can also watch YouTube, YouTube TV, and other video services right on Google Home Hub. Another key feature allowed by the screen is a slide show mode. Populated by Google Photos, users can select collections, while new images can be added with Live Albums. The Home Hub will intelligently use machine learning to not show blurry images.

This puts the Google Home Hub at a disadvantage compared to the already available Lenovo Smart Display and JBL Link View. Additionally, the 7-inch touchscreen offers the least real estate of all existing devices.

On the audio front, Google touts full-range speakers. Other specs include 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi at 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands, as well as Bluetooth.

The Google Home Hub is priced very competitively at $149 and available for pre-order on the Google Store starting today. Six months of free YouTube Premium is included, with availability on October 22nd in the US, UK, and Australia.

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