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Android R Will Feature Something Big Involving Screenshots

If you are thinking this is something groundbreaking? Hold your horses right there. This isn’t really that big, but it does involve Android R and screenshots.

Google stock Android has a limited set of screenshot controls, unlike the robust controls you see from Samsung, people have complained to them about it from time to time. I did about a year ago, actually. I wrote an entire piece requesting that Google add screenshot scroll capture because almost every other phone manufacturer on the planet had built it into their own skins, on top of Android. It’s a standard feature at this point unless you own a Google phone.

According to Dave Burke, Android’s VP of engineering, that specific feature will finally come to Android when Android R shows up. Well, maybe. Burke said on Twitter today that they “added scrollable screenshots to the hopper for Android R and hopefully can land it in that release.” So that’s no guarantee, but an acknowledgment that they could add it. 

Great. That’s all I’ve got. See, it’s not that big of a deal. I misled you.

Source: Android Police

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