[APK] Google Camera Update Brings Time Lapse Mode To Pixel Devices

Google Pixel series Camera app always lacked few features including Timelapse Mode. We saw few reviews of Pixel 3a and 3a XL which had this mode in their camera app. The new Timelapse mode takes pictures at an interval and creates a video of them. The mode is now rolling out to existing Pixels via an update to the Google Camera app for Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2XL, and Pixel 1 and will update with more devices once we test this further.

With version 6.2.030, Google Camera adds one new mode under the More menu: Time Lapse. You'll be able to pick between multiple speeds going from 1x to 120x, with the latter compressing 20 minutes of shots into a 10-second video.  
Different speed choices for the Time Lapse mode.
Before you hit the recording, you can change the white color balance, but you don't have control over other variables. Once you start recording, a progress circle around the main button shows you how much time has elapsed and how much is still left. You can pause it or stop it completely.  

Left: White balance. Middle: Recording. Right: Previewing the result.
The end result is an MP4 video with the Time Lapse indicator on the top (just like we have indicators for motion photos, portraits, and other kinds of special photos and videos from the Google Camera).

As always, you can grab the update from the Play Store or sideload it via APK from below:

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