You Can Now Use Cash To Pay for Apps In Google Play

In some parts of the world, the payment mode Cash is still rocking. Google recently announced this at Google I/O that users in selected countries like Japan and Mexico, will be able to pay for apps using good old fashioned paper money.

Called Pending Transactions, a user will initiate the app purchase, but for payment, they can opt for a transaction code. The user will take this code to a local convenience store, show the clerk, and pay for the app however they want to. Google says they should have access to the app within 10 minutes, though in some cases, it can take up to 48 hours.

As for refunds, you’ll only be able to receive Google Play credit. Not everyone across the globe has access to a digital form of payment, so for those people, this is fantastic addition to Google Play.

Skip ahead to 7:30 for details on Pending Transactions.

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