Apple Music Gets Dark Mode And Time-Synced Lyrics

With Apple announcing iOS 13, one of the notable changes is the new update to the Apple Music beta app, which brings it to version 3.0.0. Some of the features in Version 3.0 of Apple Music for Android adds many of the new Music app features from iOS 13. This includes the redesigned Now Playing interface, time-synced lyrics, and Dark Mode, which all seem logical steps after Apple purchased Shazam.

You will find the dark theme setting in the Settings -> Theme, where you can choose it to be light, dark, or set by the battery saver. The Now Playing interface has also been changed to show live lyrics along with the music. The current lyric will be highlighted but you can still scroll, tap any line, and the song will jump to that moment.

Here’s how Apple describes the time-synced lyrics feature:

Turn on lyrics to follow along with your favorite music as it plays. Each line appears in step with the music, so you always know where you are and what’s coming next. Scroll and tap any line to jump to your favorite verse. Beautiful animations make following along with your favorite songs fun.
Although currently available to Google Group beta testers, it is expected to be launched publicly alongside iOS 13 in the fall.

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