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[APK] Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers Are Available For Download

As you might have seen some of the software leaks of the Pixel 4 on the internet from the past few days. Whenever Google releases a new phone they include a bunch of new live and static wallpapers. Today, we bring the unofficial version of the Pixel 4 live wallpapers.

Folks at XDA have managed to enable the new live wallpapers. Intended for older Pixels and non-Google devices, this is obviously not an official experience. That said, a lot is working thanks to developer Pranav Pandey. By sideloading this port of “Pixel Wallpapers 19,” you’ll be able to set the nine new backgrounds on your phone today.

That is the only app you need to download for Pixel 4 live wallpapers, though you can also experience a Material Theme revamp of Google Wallpapers with dark mode and Pixel Themes. Heading to your device’s wallpapers picker will reveal updated “Come Alive” and “Living Universe” categories

“Doodle,” “Compass,” and “Sights From The Sun” from the first collection are particularly notable for being highly customizable. Also delightful are the three new geography backgrounds. 

Almost all those preferences can be customized today, though some are not fully functioning depending on your phone. A version that requires root is available, but the regular version should suffice for most users.

Source: XDA Developers

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