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Future Xiaomi Phones Will Support 8K@30fps Reveals MIUI Camera

Xiaomi has once again shown us just how much capable they are of going beyond the typical smartphone market this week. Recently, the company announced the Mi 9 Pro 5G and Mi MIX Alpha with a new version of its Android-based software, MIUI. The main highlight of the MIUI 11 update is the new design, but of course, there’s also an updated camera app. 

Since MIUI 11 betas started to roll out in China, folks at XDA Developers started digging the MIUI Camera APK to find new features. One guy from XDA called kackskrz found some strings in the code which said UHD/8K videos at 30fps.

If we look at the code it is related to configuring the video quality that reveals that the output resolution of 7680×4320, or 8K. There is some new drawable resource for the 8K@30fps recording mode. The 8K@30fps logo next to the Mi logo in the featured image shown at the top of this article was actually pulled directly from the latest MIUI Camera app. Thus, we can conclude that Xiaomi is working on adding this video recording profile in the future.

Now, you might be thinking what Xiaomi phone will this feature end up on? As of today, no other Xiaomi phone supports recording videos at this quality, so it’ll definitely debut on a new device. Interestingly, the new Mi TV Pro is capable of 8K video playback, so Xiaomi may position its new smartphone with 8K video recording as a complement to its new 4K Mi TV.

We don't think this camera feature will be running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, though, since the technical specifications for the Spectra 380 ISP list 4K@60fps as the maximum supported video recording quality. 

We think that an upgraded Spectra ISP in the next Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship SoC will be capable of handling 8K@30fps, which if true, means this new camera profile will debut on a Xiaomi flagship with the next flagship Snapdragon chip. However, we don’t have any confirmed details we can share for the next flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, so we can’t say for sure which SoC will power the Xiaomi smartphone with this feature. Once we have more concrete details, we’ll let you know.

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