[Leaked] Pixel 4 Will Come In New "Coral" Color

A photo on Weibo is making the rounds recently, showing off what looks like the back of the Pixel 4 in three different colours. We've already seen both the white and black versions a few times, but the photo shows off a new orange colour wich which will probably end up being called "Coral”. Thanks to a user on Weibo, we now have the first live image of the previously unseen Google Pixel 4 XL in orange.

The image shows off 3 different colors of what’s likely the Pixel 4 XL: white, black, and a new orange-looking colour that the Weibo user says is called “coral.” The colour of the “coral” model indeed matches the actual coral colour. Like the previously-leaked white and black models, the coral model doesn’t come with a dual-tone back like earlier Pixel smartphones. Take a look at the colour “coral” followed by the leaked image shared on Weibo.

To briefly summarize what we learned about the Pixel 4 smartphones, we learned about potential new camera features including Audio Zoom, Live HDR, better Wide-angle Selfies, improved Night Sight, and a new “Motion Mode.” We also learned about the phone’s 8X zoom capability, 6GB RAM, and 90Hz display. We further learned about the Soli gesture regional restrictions and the likely LTE band support. 

The smartphones should launch about a month from now, though, so hopefully, there isn’t a lot left for us to learn because otherwise, the wait will be agonizing.
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