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Google Maps Dark Mode Teased By Google

In the past week, major Google apps have been updated to support dark mode in Android 10, including Gmail and the Play Store. One more app that we might make this move in the near future can is Google Maps.

Google took to the popular social media platform to tease a two-frame animation showcasing the toggle between light and dark modes for several of apps, including Instagram and Focus Mode, and right in the middle video is Google Maps.

While some of the elements in this image aren't surprising, a few here are notable. Google Maps is first and foremost in this shot for a reason, and that's because while Maps has had a night mode for a significant amount of time, this new dark mode looks to go one step further in blacking out the night.

Unfortunately, Google doesn't say when this dark theme for Google Maps will actually roll out to users. However, thanks to the sneak peek in the snippet, we’d expect that the feature is in development and possibly even getting close to being released to the public.

It's likely that Google is showcasing it this way to show the automatic switch that happens when dark mode is enabled system-wide in Android 10, signaling the change for all apps and services to move over to a less eye-straining color palette.

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