Google Pixel 4 Camera Gets 112 Point Score From DxOMark

Google Pixel 4 has achieved a 112-point score from the defacto industry camera experts DxOMark despite the flawed point-based system of grading.

Google Pixel 4 offers a far more comprehensive camera experience — even despite lacking the ultra-wide-angle camera and is also a significant improvement from the previous models, with improvements in most areas and a notable jump in the quality of zoom shots. DxOMark praised the marginal step forward over its predecessors the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a.

This puts the device in second place alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G even despite having one fewer lens. However, Galaxy combined lens photo score is actually 126 when the ultra-wide is then factored in, therefore superseding the Pixel 4. The device is also behind the Huawei Mate 30 Pro .

The Pixel 4 is also a top performer for video, ranking at the top with a Video score of 101 points. All other recent top-ranked video devices have captured 4K (2160p) footage by default, however, making the Pixel 4 the first 1080p HD device to hit the top of our video rankings since the introduction of 4K recording at default settings. Considering that Google has yet to add 60fps recording to 4K video modes, it is pretty surprising just how well the video has fared. Early leaks suggested some improvements but it’s nice to see the video scoring well.
Core strengths of the Pixel 4 camera included the accurate exposure when in bright light, highly detailed indoor shots, solid color and accurate white balance, excellent zoom, great skin tone rendering, and good night-sight exposure.

The Pixel 4 fell slightly short with details in short-range zoom shots, as it had some minor artifacts in certain lighting conditions and in video modes. There were some issues with portrait mode fringing on a subject but the issue was not consistent.

Naturally, while much of the photographic and video element is objective, which camera system you prefer will come down to your explicit tastes.

Check out the video below to see a shortened version of the DxOMark scoring process for Pixel 4.

Source: DxOMark
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