Google Pixel Buds 2 Are Coming In Spring 2020 For $179

Today, at Made By Google event, Google just showed off the one surprise left for its next set of hardware devices: Pixel Buds 2. While official, don’t get too excited yet, because they aren’t arriving until 2020.

Unlike the original Pixel Buds, these new Buds are truly wireless, feature 5-hour battery life and up-to 24 hours total with their charging case. They’ll respond to “Hey Google” and come in a variety of colors.

The earbuds will include truly integrated Google Assistant functionality with voice controls. Much like you can with your mobile phone, meaning song controls, translation and more.

Google claims that the Bluetooth headphones can remain connected with your phone up the length of an American football field. They have been designed to sit flush in your ear with fins to help keep them sealed securely within your ear. A special vent allows ambient audio in, it also dynamically adapts the volume depending on the noise of your surroundings.

The Pixel Buds 2 will ship next year for $179.

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