Pixel 4 Captures Stunning Light Trails With The Astrophotography Mode

The Astrophotography mode on the Pixel 4 was one of the most talked-about features on Pixel 4, and so far, it has lived up to the hype. The ability to capture the stars using a Pixel 4 has been really impressive and a talking point about the phone.

Now, some Pixel 4 users have discovered that the same feature can be used to capture stunning light trails. This week, a few examples have surfaced on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube which show what happens when you introduce moving lights to this mode.

Using the Astrophotography feature on the Pixel 4, YouTuber Matt Gonzalez shared an absolutely stunning shot taken in the desert where a light trail is visible near the bottom of the shot, presumably from a passing vehicle.
In another shot taken with the Pixel 2 and a modified Google Camera app, a user on Reddit also shared a shot that showed light trails from vehicles passing on the highway.

Finally, a user on Twitter also shared a shot where a plane passed by while the phone was capturing the night sky, leaving behind a trail from the lights on the aircraft
There may be a debate about why there isn’t a classic manual exposer mode on the phone, but perhaps the astrophotography mode is much easier to master and gives better results due to its computational quality.
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