[Report] Huawei Working On A Foldable Phone As Well

As we all know, the trend of Foldable phones is at the peak. Samsung did it, recently Moto did it. However, it seems like they are not alone in this game. Apparently, Huawei may also have an envision to develop its own Razr-inspired foldable phone, which will feature a significantly different language from their current Mate X foldable phone.

We can see the design from their patent diagrams above. Similar to the Motorola Razr, this device will fold vertically, rather than horizontally as in the case of the Mate X.

When the device is fully unfolded, we could see a minimalist display that has thin bezels along the four sides. However, there wasn’t any visible selfie camera on the unfolded front-panel which suggests that Huawei could possibly be deploying some form of under-screen selfie camera which conceals it from the public eyes.

On the exterior, we could see a capsule-shaped camera module that houses 3 camera sensors as well as an LED flash. When the device is folded, it seems to sport a small rectangular-shaped “secondary display” as seen from the second image above.
Definitely, it's interesting to see more of such unique and fresh foldable smartphones in the market. In the Chinese market, foldable smartphones are gaining popularity as seen in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

During their respective debut sales, the Galaxy Fold was sold out within 5 minutes, while the Mate X was gone in a matter of seconds. Let's see what Huawei brings to the table!

Source: TechieWorld
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