Receive Daily Santa’s Village Updates From Google Assistant

Google today announced a new partnership with Santa’s Village to inform you daily about all the news from the North Pole and the Santa Tracker, simply by asking the Google Assistant.

The partnership was announced in an official blog post by Dimplesticks, the leading North Pole Broadcasting Channel (NPBC) correspondent, who confirmed that Google will be the first official broadcast partner for the network.

In the run-up to Christmas, you can request daily reports for the next three weeks directly from the village of Santa. Just say, "Hey, Google, what's new in the North Pole?" To begin.
The update includes Dimplestick's daily Arctic newscast alongside other popular NPBC programmings such as PMZ, the Reindeer Report and Good Sleigh Today. All of these are available daily on Google's social channels.

Santa’s Village has also had an extensive makeover for 2019, with much more to see and do if you want to take a look at Santa's new toy factory, its greenhouse, and even reindeer gymnastics. Google has added more than two dozen games and learning activities, including a 3D snow box so that you can build your own winter Christmas scene.

You are not limited to getting your Santa solution only through the Google Assistant. The special village site offers lots of mini-games and much more to enjoy, including the Santa Selfie maker. With this, you can Mr. Giving Claus a makeover, from hair dye to a fresh beard trim and is a lot of fun.

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