Google Releases Android 11 Developer Preview Patch With 1.1

Google recently launched Android 11 Developer Preview two weeks ago with six releases scheduled before the 3 2020 launch. Google today announced a “patch” for Android 11 that’s being referred to as DP 1.1.

Slotting in between the first and second previews, this update provides bug fixes and improvements following early developer feedback:

  • Privacy: Apps targeting Android 11 no longer receive an erroneous security exception if they try to request a foreground location permission, such as ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, and any other permission at the same time.
  • Android Studio: NDK apps targeting Android 11 are no longer blocked from building because of an issue with the Android Gradle Plugin. This fix is included in both Android Studio 4.0 Beta 2 (or higher) and Android Studio 4.1 Canary 1 (or higher).
  • Non-SDK interface restrictions: Greylist restrictions have been temporarily relaxed on a small number of methods used by OkHTTP and related SDKs that are in widespread use. This should provide app developers with more time to test and update their libraries before these restrictions are reinstated later in the Developer Preview.
  • Apps: Fixed an issue where a fatal exception was being thrown by

The preview — until Beta 1 in May — remains aimed at developers with no new functionality or features in this patch. DP 1.1 comes amid the “priority window for feedback on APIs” where developers are asked to “report any critical issues or requests.”

Android 11 system images are available for the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 families, as well as the Android Emulator. DP 1.1 (RPP1.200123.020) is still officially “for developers only​ and not intended for daily or consumer use” via manual download and flash. 
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