Google's New Feature Makes it Easy To See If Your Trip Is Affected By COVID-19 Pandemic

As you may know about the COVID-19 pandemic, this pandemic made so many travel plans canceled. The entire travel industry is facing a downturn due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, if your trip hasn’t been canceled, Google is making it easier to see if there are trip advisories for your destination, as well as helping you locate current and up-to-date cancellation policies for airlines.

When you search on Google for flight and hotel information, you will now begin to see COVID-19 travel advisories and/or restrictions for your particular destination. These advisories will contain links to relevant information from travel authorities when possible.
Google states you’ll see this information on search result pages, at the top of, as well as in Google Maps when searching for hotels.

For flight cancellation policies, Google says, “In response to COVID-19, many airlines have adjusted change fee and cancellation policies. When you search on Google for flights with a specific airline or go to Google Flights, we’ll direct you to our Help Center article with more information on airline policies.” This information will also be available at the top of and in Google Maps when searching for hotels.

This is obviously greatly useful at times such as these.
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