[Leaked] Google Pixel 4a Wallpapers With Hole-Punch Gimmicks

Google is all ready to launch its next mid-range Pixel smartphone in June. Before its launch, we’ve learned pretty much all there is to know about the device including the hardware specifications, features, pricing, camera quality, and performance. Now, most of the new wallpapers designed for the Google Pixel 4a have leaked online.

Google designs new wallpapers for each new Pixel smartphone release, and this mid-year smartphone launch is no different in that regard. The wallpapers were extracted from a pre-release Google Pixel 4a obtained by the Cuban YouTube channel TecnoLike Plus run by Julio Lusson. There are 16 still wallpapers in total, each coming in at 2340×1080 resolution.

These wallpapers were clearly designed with the position and size of the Pixel 4a’s hole-punch cutout in mind; in fact, the hole-punch cutout should blend in quite well when these wallpapers are applied. The Pixel 4a is Google’s first smartphone with a hole-punch display cutout, so it’s no surprise to see that Google made these wallpapers to ease in new users who may not be used to this kind of display. The only wallpaper that wasn’t designed around the hole-punch cutout is the stock “4a” wallpaper that features a similar design to the stock Pixel 4 wallpaper.

Here’s a gallery showing off the new wallpapers. These are just the preview of the wallpaper folder, so we recommend you click the download link below for the full size, uncompressed images shared by Julio.

One word of caution, though. This Pixel 4a unit has been out in the wild for a few months at this point and has had its software modified to keep it running. While it is probably still running Google’s build of Android, the device is at least a couple of months out of date, so these wallpapers may not be what ships on the final product. There's no word yet on live wallpapers for the Pixel 4a.
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