Google Confirms Pixel 4a Reveal Coming On August 3

As you all might know, we all are waiting for Google's next phone which is Pixel 4a. Google has stayed quiet about when to expect its next mid-range phone which is changing today with a “lorem ipsum” tease for what is most likely the Pixel 4a.

Made by Google today updated its Facebook and Twitter pages with a new cover image. It features a black hole-punch in the top-left corner that is clearly a nod to the Pixel 4a and its front-facing camera. 
In the case of the latter social media presence, it renamed the account to “The Google RTing, Meme Loving, Info Sharing Stream.” There are several Google-colored boxes for words that presumably describe and tease the Pixel 4a.

It links to a new Google Store landing page with an Easter Egg that reveals an August 3rd date. (Tap the boxes until they match the Google logo’s ordering: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red.) The text then reads: “The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone.” This is clearly a nod to how people have been waiting for this phone since May.
Meanwhile, a phone-shaped object that matches the Pixel 4a is covered in a checkerboard pattern.  The “lorem ipsum” paragraph underneath has several — decidedly — non-Latin words that are actually describing features like the camera, Night Sight low-light capabilities, bokeh, and all-day battery life.

I think the Google Pixel 4a is finally coming, you guys. The page suggests August 3 is the date. I mean it can't be more direct than this.
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