Discord For Android Getting Screen Sharing Soon

Discord is one of the most popular clients for gamers and other communities and so does the Discord’s Android client. With the company adding useful improvements to the app from time to time, recently the app has added support for QR code logins, the ability to temporarily mute certain conversations, support for slash commands, Mobile Voice Overlay, and more. In the most recent update, Discord even rolled out a noise suppression feature to help users filter out background noise for a better calling experience. 

Now, the company is preparing to add new functionality that will allow users to share their Andriod device’s screen with friends.

In the latest Canary release of Discord Desktop client, we can see some strings that give us an idea of how this new screen sharing feature will work. Following are the new strings within the Discord Canary build 66173:

MOBILE_STREAM_ACTIVE_HEADER: "You’re sharing your screen!"
MOBILE_STREAM_ACTIVE_BODY: "You can switch to other apps for your friends to see."
MOBILE_STREAM_ACTIVE_BODY_SOUNDSHARE_WARNING_ANDROID: "You can switch to other apps for your friends to see. The latest version of Android is required for your audio to be shared."

The feature appears to be pretty self-explanatory. When you’re in a video call, you can start the screen sharing and have your phone’s display streamed to your friends. You’ll be able to switch to other apps and let your friends see what’s on your screen. This will be really handy for troubleshooting scenarios. The screen sharing is already available for desktop users, so it’s good to see the work is already underway to bring it to the mobile client as well.

It’s unlikely this feature will be released to the masses soon, given that it hasn’t yet arrived in the beta channel. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this development and will sure to let you know if we find anything worth sharing.

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