[Leaked] Download Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers Ahead Of Launch

Yesterday, Samsung announced Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan where they will announce the Galaxy S20 FE, but at the moment nothing is official. Still,  we have its gorgeous wallpapers. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers leaked online in their full, uncompressed form earlier today. 

In total, there are eight Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers for you to marvel at here. Their native resolution is 2,400 by 2,400 pixels, which also hints at the resolution of Samsung's upcoming flagship. According to a recent report, the device will sport a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with FHD+ (2,400 x 1,080) resolution support. As for the background images at hand, their extra width should ensure a smoother home screen scrolling experience. Live wallpapers have the potential to do the same but do require some battery life compromises.

You can download individual wallpapers from below or the whole batch by downloading the .zip file linked below.


Download them as ZIP : Galaxy S20 FE Wallpapers.Zip

This complete batch of wallpapers leaked over a week ahead of the smartphone's official unveiling. For the uninitiated, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is reportedly launching next Wednesday, September 23rd. A brief pre-order period is a possibility before the lineup actually hits the store shelves in October. Samsung is said to be targeting an international release, as well. Which isn't to say every single variant of the device will be available globally, of course.

Much like its name implies, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will target the most dedicated among Samsung smartphone fans. At least partially, seeing how the company isn't ditching its Exynos 990 for this release. Which would have been unusual even in a usual year; one in which its top Exynos chip offer performance comparable to its Snapdragon rival. As with most things, 2020 had something different in store for Samsung's custom silicon. "Humiliatingly" different, in fact.

Yet the LTE-only variant of the Galaxy S20 FE is still rumored to utilize the Exynos 990. Meanwhile, the 5G model should offer noticeably better performance, courtesy of the Snapdragon 865 SoC. And while neither will be the absolute peak of raw smartphone computing power, their bang-for-buck game should be quite decent. As implied by the $750 price tag that's been rumored about for several months, at this point.

Samsung's also planning at least six distinct colors for the Galaxy S20 FE range. Which, taken together, make for an even greater variety of vivid hues than these Galaxy S20 FE wallpapers would have had you believe. In any case, they'll certainly make for a colorful fall selection as Samsung stages its final flagship family launch of the year.

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