OnePlus Kills OxygenOS; Working With Oppo On New ‘Unified’ OS

Almost 5 years ago, OnePlus dominated the smartphone market with a “flagship killer” device. But soon OnePlus smartphones started becoming more expensive and losing their audience of enthusiasts. Recently, the company announced OxygenOS and ColorOS merger. Many questioned the fate of OxygenOS. OnePlus has now announced that OnePlus will merge codebases for both OS. The name for the new operating system will be announced soon.

Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer Oppo and product strategist for OnePlus revealed the new plans. The executive has outlined the OnePlus product strategy and all the new things in the pipeline. On the brighter side, the new OS will be customized for OnePlus. We hope this translates to less bloatware and a near-stock Android experience. In this regard, the company says “unified” OS will continue as a clean and lightweight software.

I would like to tell you confidently that after overseeing the product development of both systems for a year, I believe that the unified operating system will keep the DNA of OxygenOS that many of you love so much, while also giving you an upgraded experience overall.

Gary Chen, Head of OxygenOS and now in charge of the new unified OS, assures that bootloaders will be open. In other words, those who want more flexibility can do so with custom firmware. OnePlus says it is working on a “Premium camera” experience, and the much-talked Hasselblad partnership is part of the plan.

 Furthermore, the strategy would focus on improving color performance, developing a basic yet powerful camera user interface, and using new technologies for better camera performance.

Lau adds that the OnePlus models will become more affordable due to increased localization. Both Oppo and OnePlus have already combined their R&D department. It would be a remarkable feat if OnePlus could pull this off.

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