Android 15’s First Developer Preview Coming This Week

As you all Android enthusiasts know, Google typically releases the first developer preview of the next build of Android in February of the new year. This happened for Android 12, 13, and 14, so it only makes sense that with Android 15 not yet released, we remain on high alert for an imminent drop.

According to at least one Google developer who made a comment in an AOSP thread this morning, Android 15 should arrive this week. More specifically, they expect the first Android 15 developer preview to go live on February 15.

In the comment captured below, they reference Android 15 as Android “V, " the internal codename. You may recall that Android 14 was Android “U” or “UpsideDownCake.” Android 15 is expected to be “Vanilla Ice Cream.”And that’s all we know at the moment. Most of the first developer preview builds aren’t that stable and Google rarely recommends putting them on your Pixel device unless you are a developer. We tend to see at least a couple of Developer Preview builds before we hit the beta phase, which is when it can be safe for you to go ahead and join the Android Beta Program.

February 15 is Thursday – prepare your adb tools, charge any extra Pixel devices lying around, and prepare for feature write-ups.


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