ChatGPT Outage Disrupts Service for Many Users

ChatGPT users woke up to a frustrating surprise on Tuesday, June 4th, as a partial outage impacted the service. While not everyone was affected, many users experienced issues, primarily on mobile devices.

Here's a breakdown of the situation:

  • Impact: The outage primarily affected mobile users, with the Android app being the most impacted. Some web users also reported problems.
  • Symptoms: Users encountered difficulties logging in, slow response times, and inaccurate information retrieval ("hallucination"). Even premium subscribers faced issues.
  • Start Time: The outage began early Tuesday morning, around 00:21 PDT.
  • Current Status: OpenAI acknowledges the issue and is actively investigating ("ChatGPT is unavailable for some users" on their status page). A timeframe for resolution has yet to be provided.
  • Not Everyone Affected: Some users could still access the service, potentially with some delays.
  • Alternative: If you require a similar large language model service, Google's Gemini functions normally.

This outage comes despite OpenAI boasting a high uptime rate (99.67% for the past 90 days). The last major outage occurred on May 23rd and lasted over 8 hours.

While it's inconvenient, these outages are a reality for tech services. Hopefully, OpenAI will resolve the issue swiftly and restore full functionality to all users. In the meantime, if you're looking for an alternative large language model, Google's Gemini might be a suitable temporary solution.

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