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Google+ Adds New Album Feature

Google+ has been the ability to turn on “auto update” for pictures taken with your phone. This saves users a step, in not having to select and upload photos they may want to share. Today Google has announced a small, yet useful addition to the “Photos from your phone,” page. Now users can quickly select photos and either add them to an existing album or create a new album. The feature really streamlines the process of sharing photo’s taken from one’s phone.
The Photos from your Phone page is a great way to quickly share photos from your phone, but sometimes you may want to organize those photos into a single, named album. (Like all those concert photos you took last weekend, for instance.) Now it’s easy! Just select the photos you want in the album, and click the Add to Album button. From there you can create a new album with the photos or add them to an existing album.

Tim St. Clair, posted the following update to his Google+ stream:

    Here are some images of the new feature in action:

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