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Google Plus Traffic Down 36%

There is no doubt that Google+ is growing, Alexa is a traffic analytics service which tracks the visits to a webpage based on the Alexa toolbar.  It can only track visits of people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser.  Thus, it’s not a perfect sampling, but it does give us a fairly good estimate as to how much traffic certain sites are receiving, as well as changes in that traffic.  Since Google+ is located on a sub-domain (, we can’t get specific analytics around the Google+ service itself.
In the first week of August, Alexa showed that 2.89% of all Google’s traffic was entering through the sub-domain.  Today though, Alexa shows that only 1.82% of all Google’s traffic has entered through the Google+ sub-domain. This indicates that, about 36% fewer people are going to the Google+ service compared to the rest of Google’s properties like search, Gmail, and documents. Based on these numbers, Google+, today, is about as popular as Google documents, traffic wise.
Of course one can bring about several arguments as to why these numbers may not mean that Google+ is slowing down. After all, when any new service first launches, it is expected that there will be an initial surge in traffic while everyone is checking it out. It could be that more people are using the social network on a regular basis, however the number of first time viewers are declining. Another possibility is that Google’s overall traffic has increased, meaning that even though the percentage of traffic that Google+ is receiving compared to all Google properties. Considering that Google likely isn’t increasing it’s overall traffic by more that 36% in under a month however, this argument doesn’t seem to hold water. Likely we are just seeing the initial burst of excitement over a new product, sparking peoples curiosity, dying out a bit. Also it is important to note that Google certainly has a number of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to rolling out additional feature for Google+, which will likely attract even more traffic.
But in my opinion Google Plus is a very good Social Networking, What's your opinion?
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